[ 信愛成癮 Love Addiction ] Music Video

If you haven’t watched the Music Video, here it is: https://youtu.be/M6bu1SNBhTo 

If you have, I’m going to write a review + some explanations on it, as inspired by jiamin.

FIrstly, I really enjoyed the music video with all its subtleties and technical adjustments. The music is awesome, need I say more when the singer is one of the member of SHE?? The lyrics are immensely powerful, preaching how love comes with an element of pain and hurt, and how these are more often than not willingly sacrificed just for the name of love. It sounds silly, to suffer when you are in love, a huge no-go that fairytales missed. In actuality however, most couples do suffer to a certain extent, but they hang on tight just so to go through the tough ride. And I think that’s what makes relationships beautiful.

In this video, the pain is something more exclusive, more unorthodox but still pain nonetheless.

The video started with a soft raining backdrop, which changes with your perspective considering if you are near / far. A solemn and sad introduction to the characters, who are shown firstly as kind, helpful and appreciative. Why? The protagonist(s) came and met at a laundry shop, a significant location not only in their daily lives but also their relationships. I love it when things aren’t random in a video, kudos to huang zhong ping, a well established MV maker in the taiwan music industry.


I shall refer to them as Girl A and Ella, for clarification purposes. The conservative and the wild, the demure and the cute, the sceptical and the ignorant. These are some of the contrasts clearly established in the video, and I absolutely love the message at the start of the video –

” So, there is actually a type of women in this world, who exist to be so naively cute. If I am a man, I think I will most likely fall in love with her. [beat] But for this type of women, it’s just feelings of adoration and not love. “

A stand is established, but it seems to be a foreshadow as well. Girl A took steps back in her heels. Oooooh so interesting. As if she is intimidated by the attraction ella exuded. Why? Was she like this before? Hence she is afraid to witness her old self? But did she grow out of it, or did she change?

Though both characters are very attractive, they behave differently and hence exude a different appeal. Ella is more careless, and by extension, carefree, as shown by her without an umbrella and drenched in the rain. Girl A is the opposite.Their differences are marked when Ella offered coffee but was rejected because she has her own tumbler, her own concoction. (read: healthy living) With a magazine, luxury bag (ella carries a bagpack in first scene hehe) and checking her watch, Girl A must have been somewhat financially stable, and was actually prepared to spend her leisure more wisely compared to Ella, completed surprised by the rain, pouting at the window watching the rain drops.

If you realised, Girl A always wear white and Ella, black. Of course, until the last scene where they both wore the same vermilion piece. (lol)

And the antagonist- but he will be referred to later on. 🙂


1. Washing Machine 

It’s the place where dirty things all come together, and they will cross each other’s paths while struggling to be the clean clothes . (see how were tangled and Girl A helped to remove) Which is why Girl A and Ella met. Most of the time, before they talk / fought, the washing machine will tumble tumble.

2. Moths

Moths are masters of disguise, hearing spoken and unspoken words. Therefore, they are the sign of the secrets hidden from the characters in the video. Girl A did not realise she was being cheated, so does Ella, and the guy did not know that he was exposed. Absolutely relevant, a great indication for me personally to read between the layers, so jiamin- there’s indeed a use for the moths!!

3. Fairytale 

An ironic contrast of a fairytale with their relationships, a foreshadow that they won’t have a happy ending.

4. Apple 

Ella is so thoughtful? That she brought an apple since she knows Girl A is the healthy living type? But i digress. Though Ella mentioned that she is not the evil witch, and the apple isn’t poisonous, Girl A still smelt the apple by instinct. She did gave a sweet smile afterwards though 🙂 Nevertheless, the apple was never eaten, and appeared in subsequent shots as if being deliberately tortured. I have to be honest, I’m not quite sure what this means. Is it because the girl has had a bad experience with fairytale relationship/apples, seen from her childhood etc. To me, it seemed like the aftermath of the revelation (video not in chronological order), so she couldn’t accept the fact that a) she was being cheated on b) and with ella c)her entire principles in life are shaken d)so does she move on from here.


Perhaps Girl A was like Ella, cute and fun, but fairytale relationship did not have a happy ending because of that. Which is why she came up with the theory at the start of the video. Now that she is different. she faced the same issue again and hence is double shocked?

Given the contrast between the 2 female characters, perhaps we will have the impression one shouldn’t be so ignorant, so you won’t be hurt and pained in the pursuit of love. In my humble opinion however, i think that message is meant for the guy instead. I think he is too naive to have believed that he can love 2 different personas equally, without harming the other. That he believed so much in the pursuit of love / lust that he just went ahead without realising how much pain he can do to others.

The message of the song in general is more of a personal reflection of the pain and sacrifices we individuals are prepared to endure just because we love Love. The pain never ends, and if we can’t resist Love, we get addicted to these pain in our journeys of love, because we keep doing them again and again. So yep I like the brutal honesty and I agree with it as well 🙂

And as for the ending of the video, well, it is an open ending afterall. It clearly shows both continued their lives, but are also struggling to straighten things out.

Hope this helps!! These are my personal opinions, so I am definitely wrong. (;


8 thoughts on “[ 信愛成癮 Love Addiction ] Music Video

  1. Thank you so much for this! I am quite bad at Mandarin (illiterate and only being able to speak at a basic level) so I found it quite frustrating when there were words on the screen that were not said out loud 😀

    By the way, love your blog! Are you by any chance from Singapore? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello midnightramblings! I have checked out 你被写在我的歌里 because it is a song that I know, and i realised that the style of the music video is more of art house inclined. This means that its more of artistic and experimental instead of having a storyline etc!

        So i think that’s not much to implore deeper in such an artistic music video (if i’m not wrong) 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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